In the News

The Daily Collegian (Umass): The not-quite victory on social issues

The Daily Collegian (UMass): Politics Matters – for Everyone

The Daily Collegian (UMass): The Fundamental Sameness of Romney and Obama

Center for Objective Health Policy: re-published NEOS piece on taxing beverages with high fructose corn syrup

Center for Objective Health PolicyFreedom and Individual Rights in MedicineHealth Wonk Review: re-published NEOS piece “Defend Individual Rights, Repeal ObamaCare“.

Springfield Republican, Wall Street Journal, Quoted about morality of Capitalism

“The moral argument [for capitalism] is that it allows us to act on our own judgment and provide for our own life.”

USA Today College: Quoted on Romney and the GOP race

“I don’t believe [Romney] is a true advocate of freedom, that he really cares about our rights. I’ve never been able to trust him, he just parrots what everyone else is saying.”

The Daily Collegian (UMass): on the false liberal-conservative dichotomy

Inside Higher Ed: Quoted on disruptions at Capitalism lecture

The Daily Collegian (UMass): article on disruptions at the Capitalism lecture

The Daily Collegian (UMass): article on Andrew Bernstein’s lecture at UMass

The Daily Collegian (UMass): Quoted on individual rights and rational argument

“You cannot solve political issues by taking away people’s freedoms. When people who organized the Occupy Wall Street movement decided that they’re going to demand free education, free health care and a trillion dollars in infrastructure, they’re demanding a little bit of my wealth. Other perspectives are important, [but] if you disagree with something, it’s important to understand why you disagree with something,” he added, “not just to smear it with ad hominem attacks. That’s immature, that’s something toddlers do to get candy. That’s not what intelligent, rational self-respecting people do.”

The Daily Collegian (UMass): Interviewed about formation of NEOS

The Daily Collegian (UMass): Tribute to Steve Jobs

Mount Holyoke News: Introduction to the then-named Five College Objectivist Society


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